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Epiphone Wildkat. 42 000 руб. Популярное предложение по цене /PULT.ru. Epiphone Wildkat. 24 июля 2014. 23237 просмотров.

The Epiphone Wildkat is truly an Epiphone original! This smaller-body, semi-hollow guitar has great vintage sound and is remarkably comfortable to play!

Epiphone Limited Edition Royale Wildkat Electric Guitar Pearl White w/HSC. 2017 Epiphone WildKat Koa Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar w/ Bigsby; no case included.

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The Epiphone Wildkat is an archtop semi hollowbody electric guitar with a happening retro look and sweet tone courtesy of two Alnico-V P90 single coil pickups, tune-o-matic bridge, set maple... [+] more.
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